Doug Jernigan
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Crazy Charlie comes to hear the band play in the tavern
Claps his hands and dances to the music that we play
Says he likes the atmosphere, telling jokes and drinking beer
He gets so much attention, and they don’t charge no admission

Crazy Charlie loves to read the writing on the wall
He reads it in the ladies room and quotes it to us all
And everybody laughs until the tears roll down his face
And he hopes they’re laughing with him
But he knows that’s not the case

The people laugh at Charlie ‘cause they think it’s really wild
To be around a full grown man who still acts like a child
They think it’s fun to tease him, and it’s clever to confuse him
And he tries so hard to please the very people who abuse him

Charlie knows he’s crazy but he says he doesn’t mind
He says he’s gotten used to it, he says he likes it fine
He says, “This world would be so sad and dull
So cut and dried and formal
If none of us was crazy and if all of us was normal.”

Charlie says that craziness is just a state of mind
You realize the world exists but leave it far behind
Then wander thru the canyons of a world that you’ve created
And let the river wash away the pain

So if you’re up in Nashville and you see The Village Bar
Stop and see if Charlie’s there and tell him who you are
Then listen to his wisdom and listen to his stories
And listen to his hopes and dreams, his downfalls and his glories

And then you’ll know that Charlie’s not as crazy as he seems
He wants to love, he loves to laugh, his heart is filled with dreams
He’s sitting on a barstool, but he’s reaching for the stars
His church and congregation are the drunkards in the bars

”This world would be so sad and dull
So cut and dried and formal, if none of us was crazy
And if all of us was normal.”

©2006 Doug Jernigan
Doug Songs, ASCAP

            Doug Jernigan – lead vocal
            Lisa Jernigan – harmony vocal
            Elisabeth Williamson – harmony vocal
Lon Williamson – harmony vocal, bass
Gabe Valla – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, mandolin
Doug Stock - dobro
Jason Thomas – fiddle
David Johnson – drums




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